Explosives Detection

Threat Detection

Explosives Detection

Fido X-Series handheld explosives trace detectors (ETD) deliver an unprecedented combination of sensitivity, speed, and ease of use for security teams during preventative screening operations. FLIR’s proprietary TrueTrace® technology detects a broad range of threats including military, conventional, homemade, and liquid explosives.

While handheld ETD equipment helps responders quickly assess potential on-scene threats and provide a presumptive detection or ID, GC-MS technology like FLIR’s Griffin™ G510 adds fidelity to the scene. GC-MS complements the scene by specifically confirming the identity of an explosive and delivering additional forensic intelligence.

Fido® X2

Ultra-Portable Explosives Trace Detector

Fido® X4

Premium Handheld Explosives Trace Detector

Fido® X3

Pending Discontinuation, Recommended Replacement: FLIR Fido X4

Griffin G510

Person-Portable GC-MS

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