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Spinnaker SDK

Reliable GigE Architecture, Exceptional Performance.

The Spinnaker SDK is FLIR’s next generation GenICam3 API library built for machine vision developers. It features an intuitive GUI called SpinView, rich example code, and comprehensive documentation designed to help you build your application faster. The Spinnaker SDK supports FLIR USB3, 10GigE, and most GigE area scan cameras. Supported platforms: Windows / Linux Ubuntu / MacOS


Pan/Tilt Software Development Kit

FLIR MCS pan-tilts are designed for high-performance control with low-latency and jitter and high command rates. There are multiple ways to control the units. FLIR MCS pan-tilts support both a simple ASCII command protocol, documented in the E Series Command Reference Manual as well as a binary form of the commands, supported by a portable C language library (PTU-SDK). The PTU-SDK is provided as source code and can be compiled on any computing platform. It allows applications to send commands to the pan-tilt over serial or Ethernet interfaces seamlessly.

Ladybug SDK

Integrate Spherical Imaging into Your Application Workflow

Every Ladybug® system includes a feature rich Software Development Kit (SDK) to control camera settings, manage 360 degree image acquisition, and produce panoramic images and video. The Ladybug SDK includes the LadybugCapPro Windows application, source code examples for a quick start in the C/C++/C# programming environment, camera integration technical documentation, and an Application Programming Interface (API) software library with reference documentation. The API enables integration of Ladybug functionality into custom applications, and is supported by a library of online technical application notes and published knowledge base articles.

FlyCapture SDK

Control and Acquire Images

The FlyCapture® Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a common software interface to control and acquire images for FLIR area scan USB 3.1, GigE, FireWire, and USB 2.0 cameras using the same API under 32- or 64-bit Windows or Linux. Note: Blackfly S cameras use our latest SDK: Spinnaker. Spinnaker also supports all USB 3.1 and GigE area scan cameras.


SWaP-Optimized SOM for Prism

The AVP, a size, weight, and power (SWaP) optimized advanced video processor, provides best-in-class artificial intelligence performance for thermal infrared and visible camera perception systems. It incorporates the latest Qualcomm® QCS8550, the industry’s most advanced mobile processor system on chip (SoC) featuring up to 48 TOPS inference compute performance. The QCS8550 is part of Qualcomm’s Product Longevity Program, ensuring future-proof product stability.

The AVP is designed to efficiently run Teledyne FLIR Prism AI software providing detection, classification, and target tracking and Prism ISP algorithms including super resolution, image fusion, atmospheric turbulence removal, electronic stabilization, local-contrast enhancement, and noise reduction. Prism software runs efficiently on the AVP leveraging the available system on module (SoM) functions to provide critical edge AI capabilities for automotive, airborne, unmanned, counter-UAS (CUAS), perimeter security, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications.

Prism AI

Object Detection and Tracking Software Libraries

Prism AI is a collection of software libraries that enable classification, object detection, and object tracking operating on low-power embedded processors from Qualcomm and NVIDIA. The Teledyne FLIR perception software and powerful, efficient embedded processors enable developers to bring decision support and computational imaging to the edge.

Compatible with Teledyne FLIR market-leading thermal modules, including Boson®, Tau® 2, Hadron™ 640R, and Neutrino®, Prism AI provides high-performance models trained on the world’s largest application-specific thermal image datasets. Perception software models are available for automotive, ground ISR, air-to-ground, and counter-drone applications.

Prism Development Kit for Qualcomm® RB5

Prism Software and IR Camera Evaluation Kit

The Prism Development Kit for Qualcomm RB5 enables system engineers to evaluate Prism ISP and Prism AI with the output of Teledyne FLIR’s Hadron™ thermal imaging camera modules. Prism ISP software includes image fusion, super resolution, turbulence mitigation, electronic imaging stabilization, 16-to-8-bit tone mapping, and local contrast enhancement (LCE). Prism AI features a mature perception software that includes object classification, object detection, object tracking, and fine-grained classification trained on the world’s largest thermal image data lake with over 5 million annotation assets.

The development kit includes Teledyne FLIR’s Hadron dual visible and thermal camera module, all necessary cables, and the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 QRB5165 system on chip (SoC), the most popular and efficient mobile processor for digital imaging, bringing unprecedented capabilities to Teledyne FLIR thermal camera module integrators.

Prism ISP

Advanced Computational Image Processing Software

Prism ISP is a collection of image signal processing (ISP) software libraries that include super-resolution, electronic image stabilization, image fusion, turbulence mitigation, noise reduction, and more. Compiled to run on low-power embedded processors from Qualcomm and NVIDIA, enabling developers to bring computational imaging to the edge while improving performance, lowering development costs, and shortening time to market.

Prism ISP is compatible with Teledyne FLIR market-leading thermal cores including Boson®, Tau® 2, Hadron™, and Neutrino®. The ISP libraries enable integrators to leverage high-performance ISP algorithms that dramatically enhance the viewed image quality and AI capabilities of world-class infrared camera modules for defense, industrial, and commercial applications.


Software Development Kit

The FLIR SDK allows customers the capability to integrate software that can communicate and perform camera functions. There are 2 main components that comprise the FLIR SDK: Windows Host SDK and Embedded Host SDKM. The Windows Host SDK provides source code (C, C++), samples(C++, C# VB), and binaries (DLL's) that aid customers in the development of camera integration software in a Microsoft Windows OS environment.The Embedded Host SDK provides low level source code written in C, that allows the developer to integrate the SDK with the FLIR camera on a non-Windows OS. Standard driver interfaces are provided by the SDK source code, but the low level drivers (e,g UART) need to supplied by the developer.

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