Improving Automotive Repair & Maintenance


Ensure Customer Satisfaction with Fast, Accurate Troubleshooting

Automotive Maintenance and Repair professionals need the right tools immediately on hand to diagnose systems quickly and avoid undetected problems. And with the increasing complexity of automotive electrical and computer systems, many are relying on high-tech equipment such as thermal imaging cameras and the latest test and measurement tools to ensure they can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Accurate Readings You Can Trust

Automotive repair technicians need trusted, accurate tools to test electrical systems. Rely on FLIR industrial digital multimeters to precisely measure AC/DC voltage, resistance, and current, with safety ratings up to CAT III-1000 V / CAT IV-600 V.

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Track Problems to the Source

Small, handheld thermal imagers can be key to identifying the problem so you can make the repair. These cameras display hot and cold temperatures as colors, so you can easily troubleshoot issues related to heated seats, catalytic converters, drive train components, and much more.


Thermal Camera for Automotive Diagnostics

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Inspect Systems from the Inside

A videoscope can take you deep inside automotive systems, maneuvering through extremely tight spaces to deliver sharp, vivid video and images.


Shock-Resistant Videoscope

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