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Evaluate Facility Performance with Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a powerful, non-invasive way to monitor and troubleshoot building envelope problems, electrical/mechanical failures, and HVAC issues, whether it’s at an apartment, office complex, or manufacturing plant.

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Your Go-To Tool for Predictive Maintenance

Regular inspections with a high-quality thermal imaging camera can help facility engineers keep a close eye on electrical, mechanical, and environmental systems, allowing them to spot potential problems before they lead to breakdowns.

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Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera

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Take a “Whole Building” Approach

Indoor comfort and air quality can be compromised by poor insulation, failing windows, leaky doorways, loose ductwork, plumbing leaks, or mechanical issues relating to HVAC systems. Armed with a thermal imaging camera, maintenance crews can easily diagnose this wide range of problems across their facility.

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Pro-Series Infrared Camera with Ignite™ Cloud

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Meet New Challenges

Many companies are adding solar panels on rooftops to cut energy costs, but they must be reliable and productive in order to yield maximum return on such an investment. Thermal imaging cameras and tools designed specifically for solar panel systems can help facility maintenance professionals inspect solar panels and evaluate their performance.

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Clamp Meter and Thermal Imaging Camera with METERLiNK®

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Give Your Customers Better Insight

For electric companies, professional reports go a long way toward helping your customers understand thermal camera inspections and the problems uncovered by our scanners. The advanced analysis and decision-making support offered in FLIR Thermal Studio Pro provides you with a rich set of measurement tools, batch processing, the ability to pre-plan inspection routes, and customized report templates.

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FLIR Thermal Studio Suite

Analysis and Reporting Software

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Elevate Your Awareness

Whether you need eyes in the sky for roof inspection, critical infrastructure inspection, or public safety missions, see more from the air with Teledyne FLIR's industry-leading thermal and visible camera technology. Inspectors and facility operators need real-time, high-resolution imagery to capture critical data and maximize building efficiency. Enhance and expedite your inspection with SIRAS - the new professional UAV, priced under $9,695, with no geofencing, simplified data security, and dual visible and thermal cameras from the brand you trust.

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