Teledyne FLIR Expands Ignite Cloud Workflow to T8xx-Series, T5xx-Series, and Exx-Series Cameras for Simplified and Secure Image Transfer and Data Management

From the field or office—thermographers, maintenance managers, and reliability specialists can transfer images between their camera, client devices, and the cloud with ease.

Today Teledyne FLIR announced the expansion of the Ignite Cloud Workflow to three families of FLIR cameras: the T8xx-Series, T5xx-Series, and the Exx-Series, along with offering secure cloud storage free (up to 1 GB). This expansion is an effort to help speed up workflow for professional thermographers. The expansion also includes Ignite Sync, giving users the ability to efficiently sync their respective online image libraries to their PC or mobile device, in addition to seamlessly transferring images between the camera, client devices, and the cloud for efficient collaboration with colleagues and clients.

Effortless Image and Data Transfers

Maintenance managers, thermographers, and technicians can easily connect their FLIR T8xx-Series, T5xx-Series, Exx-Series, C5, and C3-X cameras to the FLIR Ignite library while in the field. With the automatic upload feature, users can upload their thermal images and video data directly and seamlessly to the cloud, instead of relying solely on SD card storage and cumbersome USB cables for file transfers. Ignite is a standard feature on all new Exx-, T5xx-, and T8xx-Series cameras and can be added as a firmware upgrade for existing Exx-Series, T5xx-Series, and T8xx-Series cameras.

Share Insights with Ignite Sync and Thermal Studio

In addition to providing users with a method to quickly connect online image libraries to client devices, Ignite Sync can also be integrated with FLIR Thermal Studio Suite. While connected to Wi-Fi, users can save an image on their compatible camera and within seconds, the image shows up in the Ignite folder within Thermal Studio. Once stored in Thermal Studio, users enjoy robust post-processing capabilities along with the ability to pull images into a report template. This makes it easier to collaborate and share inspection findings or before-and-after imagery with colleagues and clients.

Previously only available in the new Cx-Series, FLIR Ignite is now an on-camera feature for our professional-level thermal imaging cameras. You can register your camera for this cloud service at