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Boson® Thermal Camera Modules

With over 30+ models, the Boson family represents the most dynamic, highest-performing uncooled thermal imaging technology in the Teledyne FLIR portfolio. The small, lightweight, and low-power OEM package features multiple configurations and onboard image processing for qualitative and quantitative thermal imaging applications.












Unmanned Systems



Industrial Inspection



Fixed-Asset Monitoring





Made in USA, the Boson+ sets a new industry standard for longwave infrared (LWIR) OEM thermal camera performance and size, weight, and power (SWaP). It features an industry-leading thermal sensitivity of less than or equal to (≤)20 mK and an upgraded automatic gain control (AGC) filter delivering dramatically enhanced scene contrast and sharpness in all environments. Improved video latency enhances tracking, seeker performance, and decision support. With an optimized 12 µm 640 x 512 focal plane array (FPA) and AGC, Boson+ is now even more the go-to thermal camera module for defense, industrial, and commercial integrators.

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Made in the USA, the Boson longwave infrared (LWIR) OEM thermal camera module sets the standard for size, weight, power, and performance (SWaP). Utilizing Teledyne FLIR's advanced image processing and several industry-standard communication interfaces, Boson enables applications from firefighting to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), security, and automotive development kits, all for as little as 600 mW. The 12 µm uncooled detector comes in two resolutions – 640 × 512 or 320 × 256 – and multiple frame rate options. Radiometric models offer absolute temperature measurement. With multiple lens configurations, the easy-to-use Boson SDK, user-friendly GUI, and comprehensive product integration documentation further simplify OEM integration into higher-level systems.

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Boson Comparison

  Boson+ Boson
Resolution VGA: 640 × 512 VGA: 640 × 512
QVGA: 320 × 256
Pixel Size 12 μm
Spectral Band 8μm - 14μm
Sensitivity Industrial: ≤20 mK
Professional: ≤30 mK
Industrial: ≤40 mK
Professional: ≤50 mK
Consumer: ≤60 mK
Video Pipeline & Latency AGC: Improved with deeper blacks
Latency: <6 ms
AGC: Yes*
Latency: < 25 ms*
Scene Dynamic Range to 120 °C (high gain) High Gain: <140 °C
Low Gain: <500 °C
Frame Rate 60 Hz 60 Hz & 9 Hz
Radiometry Option No Yes
Low-Gain Mode Available No Yes
Shutterless Option No Yes

*Improvements available in Q3 2022




Boson GUI App 3.0

The Boson GUI 3.0 provides developers the ability to quickly access and adjust radiometry settings critical to high-speed integration cycles balancing schedule, cost, and performance. Optimize radiometric parameters using spot meters, regions of interest (ROI), isotherms, and external sync capability during development testing and tuning.



Why Radiometry? Understanding Qualitative vs. Quantitative Thermal Imaging

There are times when a simple thermal image is not enough to interpret a scene. In these scenarios, the ability to detect and record the temperature data from every pixel is vital to the task at hand. Radiometric thermal cameras measure the intensity of infrared signals reaching the camera to provide an accurate temperature reading of objects in the scene. 

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