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Instantaneous Biological Analyzer and Collector


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The IBAC 1 delivers a flexible, field-ready solution for bio-aerosol monitoring and sampling. The system can operate integrated in an UAV, robotic platform, or as part of a network configuration to form the "first tier" of a building/critical infrastructure protection system.

  • Compact, Lightweight, and Rugged

    Can operate integrated in an UAV or robotic system, or as part of a network configuration for critical infrastructure protection.

  • Most Mature Bio-Trigger Device Available

    US Government validated, with detection algorithms for indoor and outdoor use

  • Fully Automated Biological Agent Detector

    Operates 24/7 with no consumables and detects all four classes of bio-aerosol threats (spore, viral, cellular, and protein toxins).

System Integration
RS-232; optional embedded wireless (900MHz or 2.4GHz)
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