Maintaining Quality and Performance

Maintaining Quality and Performance


World-Class Calibration

Maintain Optimal Performance

Avoid unforeseen downtime and ensure your thermal data is always correct with world-class calibration from FLIR. Whether you just require performance verification services or prefer our premium traceable calibration adjustment service, FLIR has an accredited calibration package for you.
Read our article on thermal camera calibration to learn more about the process.



Blackbodies like these are used as references during calibration, as they have a very high emissivity. Those used in our FLIR calibration labs are certified and traceable to international standards.



Calibration Services Across the Globe

We provide high-performance calibration services at our centers around the world, so you can be assured your FLIR camera will be cared for quickly, properly, and accurately.




Calibration Service Packages

Keep your thermal camera in optimal performance condition and avoid unforeseen downtime with a FLIR CARE service package. Whether you are looking for a performance verification service or a traceable calibration adjustment service, FLIR CARE’s traceable calibration services have you covered.

Read what each calibration and service level means here.

FLIR Care+ Colour.png

FLIR CARE+ Performance Verification

Meet regulatory standards and ensure your thermal camera's working at optimal levels by trusting FLIR with providing performance verification. This standard package includes service inspection, a FLIR Factory Certificate of Calibration, as-found measurement results, and a free firmware update.

FLIR CarePro Colour.png

FLIR CARE Pro Calibration and Adjustment Service

Go a step beyond performance verification with the FLIR CARE Pro package, which includes FLIR Advantage factory maintenance and adjustment plus a full service inspection, FLIR Factory Certificate of Calibration, as-left measurement results, a firmware update, preventative maintenance on your camera, camera performance and image optimization adjustments, and measurement adjustments.

FLIR TotalCare Colour.png

FLIR TOTAL CARE Priority Calibration and Adjustment Service

When time is critical, FLIR TOTAL CARE is the optimal choice for calibrating and servicing your thermal camera. With this premium package, you’re guaranteed priority service on your cameras. Plus, if your service takes longer than 7 calendar days, we will provide you with a loaner camera so you can continue working while we get your thermal camera calibrated, updated, and adjusted for optimal imaging and measurement.



FLIR care+
FLIR care Pro
FLIR Total care
Full Service Inspection
FLIR Factory Certificate of Calibration
As Found Measurement Results -
As Left Measurement Results -
Firmware Update
Full Service Preventative Maintenance -
Camera Performance and Image Optimization -
Measurement Adjustment -
Priority Service - -

Loaner Equipment*

*Provided if turnaround time exceeds 7 calendar days

- -
Service Freight covered in Continental US, Canada, European Union, United Kingdom, and UAE - -