Chemical Agent Detection

Threat Detection

Chemical Detection

FLIR offers a range of complementary chemical detection technologies to meet mission requirements.

 The FLIR MUVE C360 is the first 8-channel multi-gas monitor purpose built for unmanned aerial systems (UAS). It enables responders to detect a broad range of chemical hazards from a safe distance and provides the situational awareness needed to locate leaks, assess hazards, and monitor the flow of hazardous vapors.

The FLIR Griffin line of GC-MS systems offer responders the ultimate field-ready chemical confirmation capability. It’s a gold-standard technology used both inside and outside of labs to analyze complex samples, including vapor, liquid and solid-phase chemicals. Chemical identification can be produced in just a few minutes, expediting decision-making at the point of sample collection.

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Mass Spectrometers
Mass Spectrometers

FLIR Mass Spectrometers accurately detect and identify explosives, drugs, CWAs, TICs, environmental pollutants and a wide range of other chemicals.

10 Things You Need to Know About Chemical Threat Identification
10 Things You Need to Know About Chemical Threat Identification

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